Artist and Designer of

Customized Greeting Cards

Challenged from birth with Cerebral Palsy, Brad Goldman has found a way to overcome his severe disability through the use of a head pointer and a personal computer to create a new concept in greeting cards.

Thirty-five years ago, at the age of two, Brad Goldman, born with Cerebral Palsey, was enrolled in the Matheny School and Hospital in Peapack, New Jersey.

Brad, although unable to speak, has developed a communication link with his friends and teachers through the use of his Dynavox, an electronics augmentive communication devise. Along with personal eye contact, and a manual communication board, this devise assures that his thoughts and feelings are clearly understood.

No obstacle has been insurmountable to Brad, as evidenced by the fact that, although severely physically handicapped, and confined to a motorized wheelchair, he has successfully graduated from Sparta High School and has taken advanced studies at Morris County College and Raritan Valley, specializing in Computer Graphics.

I began painting at the age of ten.

My first inspiration came when my father bought roses for my sister and I painted them.

My parents, artists themselves, would paint with me.

After seeing my work, Matheny asked me to produce a Christmas card for them.

This gave my mother an idea for a business for me.

I began my business with the help of my parents in 1994.

BRADesigns began as a small enterprise making greeting cards for the holidays.

I promote my business by attending flea markets and craft shows.

International Fragrances USA contracted me to produce 2,000 cards for the 1994 holiday season.

From that day forward, the demand for my cards has been constant.

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